People of Earthdance International

Andy Fusso
Andy FussoInternational Coordinator & CFO
Andy’s focus is on advising organizations and entrepreneurs that make the world a better place. He was part of the finance team that accomplished Dolby Laboratories’ IPO in 2005. From 2003 to 2011, he owned the Jellyfish Gallery art and performance space in San Francisco’s SOMA area. He currently provides business management for musicians including Matthew Human, and serves as a board member and treasurer of the Mount Shasta Bioregional Ecology Center.
Michael Gosney
Michael GosneyInternational Coordinator
Gosney has worked with the Earthdance Global Festival for Peace since its earliest days. In addition to being an active event producer (Burning Man Community Dance, Digital Be-In, Paradox Conferences at Arcosanti, Deep Green Cannabis Festival), as DJ Goz (Nano, Interchill, Liquid Sound) he has played many events and festivals since the mid-‘90s. His non-profit work addresses sustainable communities and online collaboration. He currently works with Synergetic Press and consults on a variety of ventures and initiatives.
Magali Bursztyn
Magali BursztynInternational Producers Coordinator
Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Magali has served Earthdance since 2013, communicating with international producers and supervising event strategies and social media. Currently she also serves as Spanish Community Manager.

Board and Advisors

Earthdance is guided by the Earthdance Collective, a closely aligned group of ED producers from around the world who have taken on additional responsibilities for the ED global event. The board of Earthdance International includes Matthew Marshall (Higher Octive Records), Reavis Daniel Moore (Serve Music) and founder Chris Deckker (Uplift Festival).

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