Party With A Purpose

Earthdance is a California 501c3 non-profit tax-exempt organization that is financially supported by the people who produce and participate in the Earthdance global event.

The organization coordinates the annual Earthdance international music and dance festival for peace, and the global synchronized link-up, when the Prayer for Peace music track and affirmation is played at each event around the world, and online.

Now in its 22nd year, Earthdance has supported the work of peace, sustainability, and social justice charities in many countries, via producers and communities that participate in the global event, by generating awareness, donations, and contributing 50% of local event profits.

Earthdance also conducts awareness campaigns related to its annual global event themes. The Earthdance 2019 theme is “Collective Intelligence” (Plant Peace, Plant __________ 2018, Re-Evolution 2017,Global Shift 2016, Awakening 2015, Transformation 2014, Community 2013, Woman 2012, Trees 2011) and promotes a set of simple positive memes: Earth. Dance. Music. Peace. Synchronicity.

ALL ONE : Donate $1 USD or more to support peace-building by our global community & charities.

We’re not great at asking, but if you LIKE Earthdance, share the love with a donation. Big Thanks!