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Register Your Earthdance Event

Producers may register a local Earthdance event through Eventbrite (scroll down below). We’d like you to fill out a registration questionnaire, agree to our producer agreement and pay fees via PayPal.

We will review the questionnaire and let you know if we have questions. Your event is officially approved when you receive our confirmation email. This is usually easy. We may email if there are questions or issues (e.g. if two producers want to put on an event in the same city or close to one another). If for some reason we cannot approve your event, we will refund your fees.


In some countries, producers have had difficulties completing Eventbrite registration or using PayPal. If you have problems registering, please contact us and we will find a way to get your event registered. Here is a version of the registration questionnaire you can cut and paste, and provide your answers in an email to us if the standard process doesn’t work.

Earthdance 2018 Registration Donations:

There are four categories for registering Earthdance events:

  • Earthdance Collective – $300 USD suggested donation
  • Public Events, over 200 people – $100 USD
  • Public Events, under 200 people – $50 USD
  • Limited Events – $25 USD suggested donation

The Earthdance Collective is our group of experienced, longtime producers who typically create larger events (you will know if you are an ED Collective member). The Limited Event tier is for private, non-ticketed group meditations, parties and gatherings; or for Earthdance side stages within a larger production. Most events are open to the public, so we have two payment tiers for registering them. ED Collective and Limited Event registration amounts are flexible so producers can register with a higher or (in the case of economically challenged countries) lower registration donation.

Registration and post event donations are currently the only source of funds for the Earthdance non-profit organization that coordinates and promotes the global peace prayer and your festival events.

NEW for 2018: We have added questions requesting an event URL (could be a website, Facebook page, group or event, or anything else) – this should be the best place for people interested in the Earthdance event in your specific location to find out more online. We are also asking you to provide an address where interested attendees can email you with questions, and another address (can be the same) for production related questions from artists, vendors, speakers, sponsors, etc. This will help them connect with you directly!

Completing the Registration Questions

1. Choose the registration for your event type.

2. Complete the registration form and agree to the Earthdance Producer Agreement (* = answers are required)

  • First and Last Name* – of the primary contact person for the event; this can be different from the person paying fees via PayPal
  • Email Address* – of the primary contact person
  • Cell Phone – for the primary contact person
  • Company/Organization – producing the event (e.g. production company, community group)
  • Work Address* – mailing address for the producer
  • Work Phone – for the producer
  • Website – for the producer
  • Earthdance 2018 City or Town* – this will be the official name of your event, based on where it will be held (e.g. “ED London”) – not its country or region. This can be a larger city when the venue is located in a suburb (e.g. “ED San Francisco” in Santa Clara)
  • State or Region – where the event is held
  • Country* – where the event is held
  • Event Dates (Start-End)* – when attendees are present
  • Event Venue Address (GPS coordinates most appreciated!)* – specific location of the venue for our Google Map
  • Expected Attendance* – for us to use in promotion; please report actual attendance in your post-event report
  • Ticket Price Range*  – in USD, or specify a local currency
  • Charity Organization* – which will benefit from your event
  • Charity Website – their website, for us to use in promotion
  • Produced an Earthdance event before? List years and locations* – to help us stay in touch with producers from year to year
  • Do you agree to the Earthdance 2018 Event Producer Agreement* – you MUST agree for us to approve your registration
  • What is your email address for attendee questions?
  • What is your email address for production questions (artists, vendors, speakers, sponsors, etc.)?
  • What is your URL for online ticket purchases and/or event information?

You may email us later if any of these answers change or need to be added/updated.

3. Pay the registration donation

4. You will receive a confirmation email when your event is approved.

5. You will receive a password for the Producer Resources on Earthdance website. We will also work with you via email and our closed Facebook group for producers to help as you promote and organize your event.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

With Gratitude,

Earthdance International Team

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