Welcome Earthdance 2020 Producers!
Earthdance Global Peace Party 24

Theme: Vision Co-Manifestival

September 19, 2020
Around The World

Each year, Earthdance International opens registration for local producers who create Earthdance events worldwide. All take place on the same days – some are festivals attended by upwards of 20,000 people, while others are regional or community events. An Earthdance could be a group meditation or side stage integrated into a larger event, or could even be a private party with friends coming together at someone’s home. All are united though our synchronized peace meditation. Please read through the following information – we encourage you to join us and organize your own event – more is better!

Earthdance stands for Peace. When you join as a producer, we rely on you to practice peace, sustainability and social responsibility. We are all part of one global community. As you build your local event, please remember all of us by communicating and sharing. Think like a planet.

Earthdance is the world’s largest annual synchronized global music and dance event for peace. Since 1997, Earthdance has been held in over 1000 locations in 80 countries, and presented thousands of DJs and artists. The highlight of the Earthdance global event is the Prayer for Peace music track, played at the same moment at all locations. For all these years, Earthdance events have supported hundreds of charities worldwide. Earthdance is aligned with the global United Nations Peace Day observance, held on September 21st each year.

The nonprofit Earthdance International organization collaborates with local producers to raise awareness through events held around the world, anchored by our tradition of a synchronized global meditation and prayer for peace.

Our producer agreement is simple – we grant official Earthdance status and the use of our brand, and we ask producers to:

  • Join in our prayer for peace  – Earthdance’s synchronized global meditation
  • Donate to a local charity – 50% of net profits, when possible, to an approved local peace, environmental or social justice charity
  • Act with integrity – not only following guidelines for the use of the Earthdance brand, but also staying in positive relation with partners, performers and participants

Here’s detailed instructions on how to register your event – we ask producers of public events to provide an initial registration fee, and US$1 per ticket afterwards, using Eventbrite and PayPal. Please contact us if you have any difficulties with registering or sending money. To keep Earthdance going, we ask for this minimal registration fee and after-event contribution, and that you share our message of peace. You can read the full agreement here – your acceptance of it is part of the registration process.

After we receive your registration, we’ll email you our approval, and then post information about your event on our website. It’s usually straightforward, but sometimes we must contact you with questions first. For example, if two promoters want to hold events in the same city or close to one another, we’d all have to work that out.

Approved organizers have access to the password protected Producer Zone and resources such as graphics, fonts, etc.

Following your event, the post-event report lets us know how things went and helps us all make it better for the next time. As we enter our third decade, we will create a stronger and more vibrant Earthdance movement, with your help!