Be a part of the shared moment of intention- have an Earthdance house party

Can’t make it to a nearby Earthdance this year? That’s OK! You can still be a part of the Earthdance Global movement!

We’re excited to offer participant registration to anyone who wants to be a part of the Earthdance movement for peace. You can register individually or organize a small house party gatherings of like minded friends! 

It’s free and we will email you our digital “party in a box” which includes the prayer for peace and digital artwork you can use at your party. Hosting a house party means you will come together with the Earthdance community in our global moment of intention, the sychronized “Prayer for Peace”. We ask that you consider making a donation toward Earthdance to help our international efforts to bring people together dancing for peace.

If you’re a producer interested in creating a larger, ticketed Earthdance event, please click here for producer registration information.

Sign up here and we  will send you access to:

  • free music
  • the universal peace prayer
  • the link for the video simulcast of the largest Earthdance events
  • and the Peace Prayer official video 

(Please make sure to click “Checkout” to complete your registration!)