Earthdance 21 – 2017 Theme

Today, it’s time for a universal Re-Evolution, moving us together through music and dance, towards our highest purpose of peace building and unity.

We’ve recently seen the flow of human progress diverted to side streams, whirling eddies of temporary stagnation and reversal.  This is separated from the strongest flow, and from the true, and we think inevitable, evolutionary direction forward. Earthdance has not been so much an explicitly political movement, but rather a consciousness movement. We have always been about tearing down, not building walls. We believe that through our powerful, global group connection, people everywhere in every country and culture will  reach heightened awareness of our common purpose – we pray together for peace, and then we celebrate!

Re-Evolution means setting ourselves, and our humanity on track to a future that will sustain our healthy children. While some might wish a return to the seemingly comfortable swamp, others must let such people know the truth, that the tadpole time is over (they just haven’t noticed their disappearing tails!). In this next time of evolutionary growth, we hop for joy, together as we explore our world, delight in nature, and celebrate the diversity that sustains us. Together we learn and expand. We include, and don’t exclude. Re-Evolution is exciting, since it’s clear that peace, social justice, environmental harmony and global unity trumps fear, anger and delusion. We attract, and recruit!

In this, our 21st year, we invite producers, musicians, artists, meditators, activists, scientists, technologists, farmers, bodyworkers, acrobats, animal lovers, water protectors, hula hoopers, innovators, caregivers, teachers, country cousins and city slickers to join in. Pray, dance, enjoy, and most of all, Re-Evolve with us!

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